At SmartStep, we believe that students with learning difficulties can thrive and reach top levels in their schools. This is not simply done through one-to-one teaching, but with an added extra mile.

Our dedicated special educators are in constant coordination with their parents and school teachers. This unison helps us identifying their specific learning difficulty in order for us to guide their learning experience.


All learners can and should aspire to prosper, excel, and succeed. At SmartStep, we study, tailor, and provide suitable and specific instructional learning techniques that cater to each student’s learning style and difficulty. Our goal is to make our students feel confident, and at ease, ultimately helping them maximize their understanding and achieve their true educational potential. Our endgame is to help them achieve self-advocacy and autonomous learning success.


SmartStep Learning Center aims to cater for students between through K-12 who are struggling in their educational and academic endeavours.

Our goal is to provide key support services for students that are facing learning difficulties, and impairments. At SmartStep Learning Center, we look at students as individual learners, and we adopt specific teaching methods according to each student’s needs. Through coordination with their teachers at school, we reinforce what has been taught in their classrooms to build upon their specific learning style and ability




“I have been regularly studying at Smart Step for about 4 years now. I struggled a lot in math during 9th grade and was failing the course. After a month of studying here, I was at the top of my class. This center has always been a place that I could turn to whenever I struggled with any subject. I am graduating this year and have been doing really well at school. The atmosphere here always made me feel welcome and motivated me to study hard.”

Gina C., Grade 12

“I’ve been studying here for a little over 2 years. The teachers worked hard to help me in every subject I have been struggling with, especially Maths, Science, and English. SmartStep helped me push my grades forward, and even though I don’t need as much as before, I still come from time to time to keep my grades high.”

Marc J., Grade 8

“As a guest tutor, I feel like I’m extremely welcomed by the people who work in this center, and I also witnessed tutors giving lots of effort to make sure that all their pupils receive the right education.”

Samir Z, Grade 12 IB Teacher

“I feel lucky studying here at this wonderful place/ I’ve been here for almost a decade from now and had been always surrounded by love throughout my experience here. Teachers here are professional and really caring. They constantly help through everything I find difficult, and encourage me to keep my focus.”

Omar R., Grade 9 IP

“My children have been attending SmartStep for 6 years now, and more to come. I think that alone should be proof enough to how much they’re benefited from this center. You will not regret it.”

Omayma K., Parent

“Studying at SmartStep for a year has proved to be beneficial. Allocating time to study all assigned work at home can become difficult and overwhelming, and so the changing of environments and the help of the staff has allowed for an improvement in grades and study ethics”

Ryan J., Grade 12 IB 2

“SmartStep is a great place to study. It helped me get top grades in all my exams. I love how much I’m comfortable here, it really feels like home in getridofallthings.”

Charbel Bou Chahine, Grade 5

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